Sound engineer: Filip Krzemień.

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Christmas songs

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While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks
I Saw Three Ships
Wexford Carol
2.8 MB
2.4 MB
3.5 MB
22 xii 2013Irish Christmas songs.
Во Вифлеємі нині новина (Vo Vyfleyemi nyni novyna)
Що то за предиво (Sho to za pedivo)
Щедрий (Shchedryk/Carol of the Bells)
2.5 MB
4.9 MB
3.2 MB
22 xii 2012Ukrainian Christmas Carols.
Entre le bœuf et l'âne gris
Noël nouvelet
2.4 MB
2.7 MB
3.2 MB
22 xii 2011French Christmas songs.
Božji Nam Je Rojen Sin
Glej Zvezdice Božje
Rajske Strune, Zadonite
2.5 MB
2.0 MB
3.4 MB
22 xii 2010Slovenian Christmas songs.
Villancico Argentino
Mi Niño Chiquito
Ha Nacido Un Niño Pobre
4.7 MB
2.4 MB
3.1 MB
20 xii 2009Argentinian Christmas songs.
Los Campanilleros
Ande La Marimorena
Ya Viene La Vieja
2.6 MB
2.5 MB
1.2 MB
24 xii 2008Spanish Christmas songs.

various recordings

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The Butterfly3.3 MB12 x 2013Traditional Irish slip jig in my arrangement. Also view on youtube
Toccata Arpeggiata (Kapsberger) & Fantasia X (Mudarra)6.1 MB9 ix 2010Two renaissance pieces.
Urzeczona2.0 MB3 iv 2008Composition of Henryk Alber.
Henryk Alber was my first guitar teacher. He died 11 January 2008. I dedicate this recording to his memory.
Serpent Dream & The Inner Child6.3 MB3 iv 2008My interpretation of two compositions of Mike Oldfield from Tubular Bells III album
Take Five4.8 MB30 viii 2007Well known jazz standard.
Night And Day4.6 MB26 iv 2006Bossa nova on a classical guitar.
Bemsha Swing2.6 MB6 ii 2005Piece of Thelonious Monk in arrangement of Gary Wittnera.